Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gaps in Lit and Life

Wanda's Absence: The Ultimate Gap is the title of my Reader Response paper to The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes. I will post my completed analysis when I finish it. For now, though, take note that it IS a Newbery Honor Book, and it deserves its award. The illustrations are soft and colorful and the story is heart-wrenching and enriching at the same time.

Congratulations is in order to the SHepherd Hill Marching Band as well! 95.875 and a third place medal out of 21 bands in their division. I am so proud. And Best Music, and Spirit award at USSBA! 2nd in guard as well. My readers (all -1 of you) deserve to know that music is CRUCIAL to the development of life. And plus I am wicked proud. I hope I will get to see a video.

I know my posts are short and not very thorough, but I am telling myself that their frequency and usefulness will increase with time. For now, take what you get!



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