Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Art of Procrastination

As I am supposed to be writing my weekly crit paper, instead I am blogging. Because my brain refuses to function in such a way for me to make a valid argument about a fictional history in a work of fiction that is in fact a piece of history. I choose the most ridiculous arguments for my paper sometimes. I try not to pick the most glaring and obvious approach, and generally it is something minor or dumb that grabs my attention. Like the fact that Mau's people conveyed their history orally. This oral history constitutes a text and because it is passed along, like a game of telephone, what is considered historical fact can be mutated and interpreted. Because the stories are malleable and interpreted, they are in fact, not fact at all, but fiction.

And THAT is why blogging is amazing. Because now I know what I am writing about. I should now be done within the hour. Then maybe I will post something interesting? Nation was great, by the way. Eternal Smile was strange. Recommend both.

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