Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nothing and Some Steampunk

Oy. It has been a while. So far 2011 has been an awesome year. I have read 16 books to date...not too bad, I suppose.

The last I read was Teller's "Nothing" which was...interesting. It was so disturbing: a class of thirteen-year-olds try to assemble meaning out of life in response to one student's claim that nothing matters in the world--that relative to the existence of world, we are nothing. The classmates take turns deciding what one other person must offer to the heap of meaning...while the items added to the heap start of relatively tame: favorite sandals, fishing rod, the demands become increasingly extreme: virginity, a dog's head, a dead baby's coffin, a finger...until they prove to that one boy who claimed that life has no meaning...that it does?

Also, steampunk has taken a firm grip on my heart...or at least a stronger one. I attended my first (of many) steampunk conventions and it was fantastic!! I can't wait to further create my costumes, jewelry and when I actually have a place I will mod the heck out of it. It will be all levels of awesomeness.

Ah, and there is a boy. And he likes steampunk too.

Life. :)

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