Monday, May 16, 2011

Barungin (Smell the Wind) by Jack Davis

Barungin (Smell the Wind) (PLAYS)Barungin (Smell the Wind) by Jack Davis
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My first experience with Australian Aboriginal literature--that has nothing to do with Children's literature. I found the insight into the culture as much fascinating as depressing and rife with comparisons to the plight of our own Native Americans. Indeed, the comparison cannot be ignored; Americans know very little about actual Native American culture other than a recognition that they are closer to nature, have their own language that is being infiltrated, spiritual outside the realm of our Judeo-Christian ideologies and a reluctant concession to grant plots of land.

Smell the Wind incorporates, quite blatantly, Aboriginal themes while presenting the throes of such a family that is ridden with alcoholism, pride, shame, victims of stereotypes and different versions of history.

A quick and interesting read.

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