Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Body for Beginners by Dani Cavallaro

The Body for Beginners (For Beginners)The Body for Beginners by Dani Cavallaro
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There is some really interesting information in this book and it provides a decent overview of body ideas and construction. There is an obvious bias throughout this book, and some of the facts and explanations should be taken lightly and not as law. I question the inclusion of certain ideas and absence of others. And I KNOW this book was published in 1998, but it FEELS like it was published in 1998. A lot of the assumption of the state of technology, the terminology and the assumptions of the direction of science fiction is clearly outdated and far from timeless.

However, the quality of the printing of this book is just awful--multiple fonts on a page, white on black, sometimes, works over pictures: it is a mess. Also there is a lack of resources; there is a bibliography, yes, but is seems skeletal to the amount of concise information found in this book. A list of further readings would have been helpful and most welcome.

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