Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: I.C.O.N.S

I received a copy of the ICONS Sticker Book from the author, David Plaue. Visit his website here.

ICONS is a history sticker book. The book is accompanied by sheets of portrait-style stickers that adhere into the book itself. This "build a pictorial history book" allows the reader to gain cursory information about icons of the world and identify the image that corresponds with the facts. If the reader is unsure, there are QR codes to scan to discover clues as to the identity of the icon.

This is a unique and interactive way to learn about important historical people. The copyright page boasts photo credits for all images.

I do think, however, this self-published title could use both editing and design consultation. The pages feel cluttered with the font choices and over-reliance on boxes and borders. Why, also I.C.O.N.S.? If this is an acronym, its meaning is lost on me. If it is not, there should not be any periods between the letters. As a reader and reviewer of hundreds of picturebooks and nonfiction picturebook for children a year: children appreciate good design, readers appreciate consistency in spacing, alignment, font choices and other design elements. Unfortunately the content and concept of a book cannot be separated from this.

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